Software Installation. Once  they  become  virulent ,  these  deadly viruses  are  known to bring  the  system to  a complete  shutdown. A typical computer runs on about 100 watts of power. binary units of information like ‘1’ and ‘0’). What  could  be  the other   software  related problems of the Hum-com? Once a   Hum-com    asked , “I  never  loaded myself  with a malicious software so how  come  I got infected?”. All electrical signals are conducted through it. Let’s examine the human computer (Hum-com). But if the  problem  has been  caused  due to  a software  failure then  the  malaise  would re-occur. An Institute of Computer Training and Consultancy, Computer Works and Services, Computer Hardware Maintenance, Sales and Repair, Networking, Computer Engineering, and Art Graphics Design and Sign Writing (calligraphy). Monitor is face / body language. BIOS is the autonomic reflexes like breathing and heart beating. So  with this   very basic  software  and  fully  furnished  hardware  in  which all the  cables are  so   well insulated  , protected, all  the  signals  are  perfectly passed across the  organs  the  Hum-com is ready  to be  loaded  with  new software. It records events in the now, and processes it for the hard drive. When  a new Hum-cum  comes into the world it comes fitted with all  the internal organs in  a functioning state. Wish to market content of your startup, post a blog, share an experience, or need design help? He then teaches them techniques to control thoughts erupting in the mind. Does the cables act as arteries and veins? Do Longer Working Hours Boost A Nation’s Economy? He simply  does  not have the code to  break or modify the program. Motherboard. The energy provided by the Power Supply is just like the energy in your body; without it you couldn't do anything and you need it to work properly. the mouse would be like a hand, where it's moveable and can grab text on the screen and give info to the cpu. What You Need To Know When Buying A Computer. Hum-com  who are  having  serious  software  problems  due to  complexities  of  software  loading in their  life generally  benefit a  lot  form such an exercise. Random Access Memory (RAM) is similar in concept to the human brain. In-spite of being fitted with similar input devices as a Hum-Com they are unable to speak. Warranty. Human Body for Kids/Anatomy Song for kids/Human Body Systems - Duration: 46:20. Just drop us a line at |, Why A Human Body Can be Compared to A Super Computer, Top Reasons Why You Should Build a Great Employer Brand, The journey of a soldier from a battlefield to the business-field. After the childhood phase, the Hum-Com enters adulthood. And we’re only in November. Audio - Brief Analogy between a Computer and the Human Body -Video Upload powered by Notify me of follow-up comments by email. V Software covers morals and ethics. Motherboard: The motherboard is like the skin and skeleton of the computer. We’ve all likely stayed later at work when we’ve been super busy or had to catch up on work, however sadly, in... Startupanz is a global online community of tech entrepreneurs, freelancers and writers. Keyboard Shortcuts For Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe PhotoShop, FL Studio, Evernote, Skype etc, Find People Online | People Directory Free. So  obviously the  medicine  has to  be taken  continuously because  the  Doctor  is  addressing the  symptom  and  not the  cause. those are parts of a computer and i would appreciarte it if someone can make them into human parts and give a brief explanation about how they are similar: ex. In the early stages of a startup, for entrepreneurs more moments of dejection and rejection appear than successes. Same also implies a computer, it is all based on circuitry cells working in a logical way to make the computer a useful device to man. It has a screen which it uses to display what the computer is doing or how it feels. A  real good   Hum-com software  therapist has  to  do the  treatment in generally  three stages- One, identify the root cause and two apply the  remedy  to  block cropping  up  of the malicious program. The bus is the spine. HUMAN think and remember with brain.Human brain tells the parts of body what to do. Even  the  mother  cannot  temper with  the  hardware being assembled in  her body. * RAM would be your arms. I am happy to find your distinguished way of writing the post. Expansion BUS slots It would be impossible or expensive to build a computer that fits every user application. Hardware is composed of computing parts as well as input and output devices and off course the peripherals. Every new assignment causes enhancements to the software system of the Hum-Com, and this process continues. Knowledge software or K software needs B software as a pre-requisite. NERVOUS SYSTEM –Motherboard. Any  computer  is  composed of two components; hardware  and software. We  have a number of   doctors  who  can examine  the Hum-com hardware  and detect  any  glitch. Not  easy to get  rid  of it now. Thank you again, is professional Computer Screen Display trading and repaire wholesale provider, mainly focused on the screens for Dell,HP,Lenovo,Apple,ASUS,Acer and Microsoft. ; they are less likely to be corrupted.People from most asian countries are custom built PCs - they are dedicated to doing very specific things very well - and are devoted to these things their whole lives. This is a collection of wires through which data is transmitted from one part of a computer to another. Even if you want to keep it keep the malware at bay, such software keeps cropping up time and again. As  per some of  the  therapists type  of  food intake also  affects  the  malicious  software. The  male  species, even if it  wants  cannot as it lacks the  assembly  line. The CPU controls all the other parts in the computer. GPU: Eyes + Brain to 'display' and process visual data. Thus,  the  installation  of  language software begins. (conscious) Our memories and thoughts that we cherish everyday is stored in our brain, while computers stores data in the hard disk. He  can  play only  within his ambit , within his  orbit which  have  been  set. This  software  will cling to  your Hard disc. Computer Basics - Parts of the Computer ... 2:03. Mankind,  over  the  ages    has come  up  with the remedies  for hardware  problems of Hum-com. A B; Power Supply Unit (PSU) Circulatory System, blood vessels: Motherboard: Nervous System: Hard Drive, C: Drive: Long Term memory: Random Access Memory (RAM) Short Term Memory: Central Processing Unit (CPU) Brain: Sound Card: Vocal Chords and Ears: Heat Sink: Skin/Sweat: And when a Hum-Com becomes old his CPU has reached its limits. Sticking with the human body analogy. CPU Cooler: The hypothalamus works with other parts of the body's temperature-regulating system, such as the skin, sweat glands and blood vessels — the vents, condensers and heat ducts of your body's heating and cooling system. Over  a million  years, the  manufacturing period of the Hum-com has not changed. Nor  has  the  mode  of  delivery. For example, the face is sometimes used for a frown or a smile as  output ,and to feel the hot or cold air temperature  as input device. Nervous System. By Zach Blank Computer programs run via machine code, which are patterns of bits (i.e. Some things are totally forgotten but once reminded, come back. I am sure I will visit this place again hardware parts, Smiles....Tx so much for your comments....Am so glad. The  other functions like  eating, excreting, and other sensory  activities are  the  hardware  functions which  work on  an  auto-mode. They are used to send in instructions and information into d computer. Then comes the stage when a Hum-Com takes up a job. A computer printer can be compared to human hands. All electrical signals are conducted through it. 20 Points To Overcome Early Failure In Your Entrepreneurial Career, [HEALTH TIPS]: How Your Twitter Feed Can Harm Your Sleep At Night. To understand the human body  as  Hum-com,  it is necessary  to  break it into its  components  like an IT professional. BRAIN - RAM - Random Access Memory. Uploading of software is another unique feature of Hum-com when   we        compare it to the Ani-Com (animals computers). heres the computer parts. The   Hum-com  comes fitted  with both RAM  and ROM in  which  subsequently  software   gets  uploaded. The hardware  is made up of  bones, muscles and flesh along with its galaxy of internal   organs. Now some such shared software is  good, but some of it is malware. This comment has been removed by the author. This is a secondary storage on a computer used to back-up data and information. Eyes,  ears, skin, nose , tongue  are the input  devices and   of course the  brain  is the CPU. Power button. It goes beyond pure transmission with some adjustment like setting the “gain” or blocking some paths (e.g. The hard drive takes in knowledge and stores it, much the same way the human brain does. A human brain works as analog with different processing speed. The CPU controls the computer and is the most important part of a computer; similar to the way the brain controls the human body and is very important. The dexterity of  a human  body with round-the-clock working  process could  put  the  best   super-computer to  shame. It has been noted that a computer has the main parts and peripherals. Microprocessor. Drawing parallels between human brain and computer database there comes up a variety of other similarities. For  example,  you  go  to a dear friend… He  is  a real good man.. I’ve thought of this a couple times haha not every component, but here’s my general take * CPU is your brain. The Hum-com comes with  no warranty. In the second  stage  of  software –healing  process these things  happen. To understand the human body as Hum-com, it is necessary to break it into its components like an IT professional. Our Mission: To act as a global knowledge platform where entrepreneurs share their experiences. The  assembly line  for the assembling of the  components of Hum-com  has  only  been given to  the female species. But the news is... By Hari Julka This stores data and information temporarily on a computer. This functioning has been replicated for quite some time with both effect… In  such cases the  hardware  doctors tend to  give  continuous medication. The only plausible reason seems to be lesser developed CPU, lesser RAM or the output device of tongue not compatible. It's like a communication channel between every parts and components of the computer system. This stores data and information temporarily on a computer. In this stage, the software and data contribution of the parents takes a back seat to that of friends and teachers. The  moment you  buy  a new  watch  the shopkeeper pulls out the  thin  film  which insulates  the  battery  form the   watch, it  begins  to  tick. Kids Learning Tube Recommended for you. Also  out of the  three functions of the CLS software , Hum-com is  unique in  two features , laughing  and  crying. They become averse to using new gadgets because their CPU simply has no space to write a new algorithm. Hypertension occurs due  to anxiety which is a software  related problem  but is treated by hardware  experts. Keyboard. The Hum-Com software programs are generally divided into two categories; Basic software and the Knowledge software. It holds every part together and makes sure each part can work with one another. CPU and RAM act like the human brain by processing data (CPU) using memory (RAM) to come up with an action. Feeling physically empty and depleted is something everyone experiences throughout their life. Micro Center has the very best selection of BYOPC computer parts including, Core components, Cases, Motherboards, Computer Memory, Hard Drives & Storage, Computer Cases, Case Accessories, and Memory Configurators. The  hearing input  device, the ear begins to pick up  sounds and  brain  the  CPU immediately  tries to  recognize  and  deliver   signals  to the   output  device ,the  tongue  to imitate  the sound. What about the GPU/Graphics Card? The malicious software has a great ability to stay at the forefront of the CPU. It  is  at  that  level where science cannot  convincingly define a large  number of phenomenon,  it   converges towards the super power,  the super energy or what we  all  refer  to Almighty. Hard disk. This increased complexity of software and data causes the CPU to slow down. Hence its  a known fact that Hum-com   born with  hearing defects  develops  speech  defects  too. Lately a  lot of pains,  lot  of allergies ,  lot of mental  sickness  have  been related to  anxiety; a software issue. A  new   Hum-com quickly starts to  imitate his  parents and picks  up  words of  the language spoken around him. It is  the same as  when  we  are  buying a  new  wrist  watch . The brain requires less power than a lightbulb. Most of the software therapists use one common characterstic of Hum-Com software –  “ If a piece of software is kept from running for a period of time, it’s likelihood of running goes down over time”. what can be said abt operating systems and softwares?comparing them with human body. This means that the  Creater  has gifted Hum-com  with  a higher  version of the booting  system software. The brain and CPU communicate with other parts of the computer. Sensory and motor inputs and outputs coordinate, process and take electrical signals originated in the brain to muscles or organs, or take sensory inputs originated in the periphery to the brain to be integrated as sensory stimulus. Tower. The   Hum-com comes loaded with     very basic booting  software or  an operating  system – called CLS(crying,laughing and sleeping)! Just like your skeleton does for the body, the motherboard is the main structure of a computer and holds everything together. An old adage is – ‘a man is known by the company he keeps’. A Comparison of Human and Computer Information Processing phones, the Internet, e-mail, chat, bulletin boards, etc.) CPU=Brain I replaced the CPU (central prcessor unit) with the brain because they both work in a similar way. all use computers to support rather than supplan t human What part of computer that refer to nose? The  first  software installation  starts  at  home and  it  is  a long  drawn process. Software. Such a Hum-com can be said to be experiencing system overload. So that too gets loaded in the system. It controls every activities of the computer. It's what a computer uses to remember things. Speakers are the mouth. You  scold  , it  cannot sob , it will only bark. Change of job results in other job specific software additions. You see porn with a friend, all sorts of malware becomes resident in your system. These parts and peripherals work together to make the computer perform tasks or solve a particular problem. They produce what the computer needs to give out. Usually have much longer lives as well Anti virus programs are: vaccines, taking vitamins, eating healthy - and usually a sign of someone who is interested in being healthy. All computer parts are connected to each other on the motherboard. HARD DRIVE = BRAIN – Subconscious All knowledge of programs, files and data is stored on the Hard Drive. COMPUTER PARTS COMPARED TO HUMAN BODY. RAM: RAM is like the hands of the human body. In order for both the human body and computer to perform tasks, they need a brain or CPU. Speakers. The  software  therapist  put the Hum-com patient  under a rigorous  daily routine,  engages  him  with  positive and  motivational  stories from  the scriptures  or lives  of successful people. It is something like if you  walk through a  thick tropical  forest ,  you  are bound  to  get stung  by leeches. Now a stage comes (may be in the middle age of Hum-Com) when there are too many active pieces of software vying to  get  processed in the Hum-Com CPU. He  just  cannot break  loose. Manufacture & Delivery –    Hum-com is  assembled in  a mother’s  body  and  delivered to  the  client in a sealed  packing. All processing and “thinking” done here. Read, write and speech software programs are typically considered to be part of Basic software, or B Program. Once I was travelling in a train I saw some people offering bribe for a berth. Col Mohinder Pal Singh, PhD is an Indian army veteran and an author. COMPUTER PARTS COMPARED TO HUMAN BODY NERVOUS SYSTEM – Motherboard All computer parts are connected to each other on the motherboard. SS Bawa is a Canada based  IT  professional. One  classic example  is  the  problem  of Hypertension. Same implies the human skin, it defines the human body. All hardware devices are very interdependent  at this  initial  stage. The CPU helps the computer to remeber things. For example, you see a person taking a bribe or doing a mischievous act, it immediately gets loaded in your memory. The Hum-com also has all these  components albeit in a different state of matter. In Brain, hippocampus is exact equivalent of HDD. And three attempt to isolate and remove the offending software. The following are some examples of comparing the computer to the human body: Central processing unit (CPU). A computer is a modular and serial machine For example something which you studied in secondary school say twenty years back and  if you never had to use it, you tend to start forgetting it. There isn’t one set trigger for feeling this way, but it becomes... As you leave your home or office alone this holiday season for shopping or a vacation, there are several gadgets that can... By Lucy Desai 5 Tips To Secure Your Office & Enjoy A Stress Free Vacation! It defines a computer telling us more about it, how it responds to the conditions around. But  one day  he  is  watching  some objectionable material and  you  end up  watching   or reading  such a  material. The computer technical structure can be compared to the human construction at a very basic level. The part of the computer that is equivalent to the parts of the body is the hard drive. Once you store an information in your brain, It will become read only. It is also a communication system that transfers data between components inside a computer or between computers. If  an input device like ear malfunctions, the CPU  does  not  get the  requisite signals and  correspondingly the   tongue  no orders. Screens For Microsoft, Thanks for sharing Nice info.India Import DataIndia Export DataSri Lanka export import dataChile Export DataPeru Export DataParaguay export import dataArgentina Export DataChina Customs DataCosta Rica trade dataPanama trade dataBrazil Exporters DataIndia Export Data, This is important, though it's necessary to help you head over to it weblink: used fridge compressor scrap. Just like the human face shows different expressions. Similarly, a human brain runs its ‘code’ via patterns of chemical or electrical signals which are passed from one neuron to the next forming a neural network. I am impressed by the quality of information on this website. This gives the computer a definite shape. It is used to write information for future reference. This is a printed panel of physical arrangement in a computer that contains the computer's basic circuitry and components. The hard drive takes in knowledge and stores it, much the same way the human brain does. Storage devices. And if you could develop a comparison between between all the parts, could you then draw a link to something like say cancer then apply network troubleshooting skills to spur new ideas finding a cure? Monitor. Video card. Shop online or visit your local Micro Center today! Now you make it easy for me to understand and implement the concept. Alongside the B and K-software is a third category of software called the Values or V Software. Computer parts vs human body? Hum-Com does not have a remove procedure for any kind of loaded software. This is an output device. HARD DRIVE= BRAIN –Subconscious. Sound card. Ears for recognition. Malicious  software  is usually accompanied  with a swarm of  viruses. Both are input devices. A chassis protects the hardware from the environment just like how your skin protects your organs from the environment like if you fall your brain won't brake. Just exactly like how the eyes works sending visual signals to the brain through optic nerves. THE COMPUTER PARTS RELATED TO THE HUMAN BODY. The human body is composed of cells into tissues into organs then into systems. Both of them have memory, both of them use electrical signals, both of them can retrieve and transmit data, both of them have partitions and both of them connect data in order to reach to conclusions which are logical and working. The internet represents how the computer has evolved further then us. X’MAS 2020: Is Your E-Com Startup Ready For Biggest Delivery Season? The body is rendered useless without a brain in the same sense that a computer without a CPU … That will be when we gain telepathy and learn to communicate with each other by achieving enlightenment and access to a higher realm of infinite knowledge - where our sprits/souls and life-force reside - and where our counsiousness is projected from. The following example will be used to demonstrate a spiritual analogy. The part of the computer that is equivalent to the parts of the body is the hard drive.

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