The Launchpad Announces CEO Tonya Turrell Named Orlando’s 2022 Women of the Year

Orlando, FL Release: 3 May, 2022. For immediate release.

The Launchpad, a B2B technology marketing firm based in Altamonte Springs, Florida, announced today that Chief Executive Officer Tonya Turrell has been named one of Orlando’s 2022 Women of the Year by Orlando magazine. The program identifies 24 women who are making a positive impact in the Orlando community.
Turrell was recognized for her innovation in the space, calling her a disruptor. “She’s out to disrupt the tech marketplace,” the article in Orlando magazine reveals. “We’re proud to be innovators in a rapidly evolving space, Turrell says. “We’re disrupting the way technology is bought and sold.” Turrell explained that The Launchpad considers themselves technology matchmakers between IT buyers and sellers rather than traditional marketers and lead generators. She added, “we navigate the increasingly crowded technology vendors space and connect IT buyers with innovative providers who are a precise fit for their organization’s unique needs and goals.”

The Launchpad has grown 100% year over year each year since its inception in February 2020. When many businesses struggled to keep their people employed during the global lockdown, The Launchpad created forty-plus jobs locally and has hired consistently to keep up with growth. In 2022, they plan to continue their trajectory of growth, with more opportunities for advancement than ever before. “Seeing the extraordinary potential in people, calling the best of them forward to stretch and grow to become more than they thought possible is what motivates me,” she says. “I want to create a network of unstoppable leaders who have the financial freedom to direct resources and energy to the things that the world needs most.” Her ultimate vision? To be celebrated for creating the blueprints for a different kind of organization. Turrell continues, “I want to be a guiding light for other companies, showing that business can and should be done differently. When people look at us, they’re filled with hope that business can be a model to drive human good and that everyone can win.”

The Launchpad honors Tonya Turrell and all of the inspiring, talented female leaders making our Orlando community strong. Our congratulations and thanks to each of them.

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The Launchpad connects IT buyers with technology partners who have solutions and services that are a precise fit for their needs.

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